Monday, March 14, 2011

Down to the Water

So many thoughts stirring in my head. The recent Tsunami in Japan has gripped my soul for the moment. It is no surprise, that one cannot hide from mother nature, but you can certainly hope when she arrives she has mercy on the souls unsuspecting civilians. I personally pray for those who are suffering and in distress. I pray for their serenity and safety from the massive devastation of the tsunami. Through the storm comes peace, solitude, and happiness. I have been in Portland, OR visiting my cousin for Spring break. To be completely honest, I am having the time of my life. I have learned so much about myself in the last couple of days just from watching her. She is so intelligent, witty, and fiercely independent! I love that! I only want to immerse myself around like-minded people so, this is a fantastic break from the crazy reality I sometimes face elsewhere. I only wish I had the vision of living a "practical" life. Everything I dream about is a 1 in a million career-path. I want a legendary theatrical career with all the perks of being respected, but refuse to disrespect myself in order to achieve. How does that work? In Hollywood, it is rare and one does not exist without the other. I am not sure. I am currently praying for God to show me because I am lost for meaning. Where am I meant to be? I do not feel I am meant to be in AZ beyond graduation, but who knows where? Only the divine does. Lord, I am leaving all these thoughts in your hands. I will no longer wonder, I will walk behind your footsteps because you have never led me down a dangerous path. You have always protected me through the best of times & worst of times. Amen.