Monday, February 24, 2014


You should always rely on your birthday being an incredibly special day and when it is not, there is something very wrong with this. I for one, always treat my birthday as some sort of holiday in my own mind. Regardless, I do put forth a gallant effort to show others that their birthdays matter just as much. If I have ever not done so, I apologize to those people as I would never want them to feel completely overlooked or hurt by my actions. 

I realize now more than ever that words sting. They last and leave quite an impression on people. This is why we should use them carefully because recovery is always a matter of words and actions. I am not into saying "I'm sorry" for the hell of it. When I say it, I want to mean it. I truly am sorry for all the birthdays you've felt ignored, unhappy, or mistreated. 

I never want to be a contributor of your sorrow or despair especially on your birthday. You are someone I would never want to let down in that regard. I feel fairly certain that your birthday is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me because you were born which is something that I am so grateful for. Had you not been born, I would not have the fortune of being able to make your acquaintance, be your friend,  and know what  family truly is. 

On your birthday, of all the days, I just wish you happiness, peace, and prosperity. If any of that does not come to you that day, I pray it comes very soon. I could never wish for anything more because you mean just that much to me. On your birthday, I wish you well with or without me because I love you just that much.