Sunday, January 26, 2014

On the Television

As I sit here watching The 56th Annual Grammy's I had a thought? Look how far we've come. The we I am referring to someone that needs no formal introduction because he knows who he is. He is brilliant, ambitious, and a motivating factor in my passion for large scale success. This man and I met some 8 years ago on the streets of Lankershim and Magnolia boulevard in North Hollywood, California when I was just finishing my first year of theatre school at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and he was into his first year of his internship at Universal Records. The rest is history. 

As he sits at the Grammys and I sit at home contemplating going to the gym, I just have a fantastic amount of relief. This amazing man's artist is nominated for 3 Grammy's. I could not be more proud if I tried. I want to think that people like him enter your life for a reason. Perhaps to teach you an invaluable life lesson that even life itself could not teach you correctly. Today, I believe he taught me to never give up on my goals, dreams, and aspirations, and to soar to the highest heights possible. 

He inspires (indadvertedly) me to never give up in life and fight the good fight until the end. He pushes me to make changes and make sacrifices I normally wouldn't make. He also encourages me to go for my dreams and not to worry because I do that all too well. This incredible man is not only my friend, but a delicate portion of my spirit and soul. I want to keep him right there because this is a place that is more than just in my heart, but embedded in my DNA. A life without him is truly petrifying, so I won't entertain the thought, I will simply continue to ask God for his blessing and pray that 2014 is the beginning of the rest of us....