Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back for the First Time

Today is a big day....well for me personally. Today, marks my 5 year anniversary of writing my own published blog Cocoon. I have celebrated several rollercoaster highs and immense lows, but through it all, this blog has been my constant and reliable outlet from the craziness that is sometimes called my life. I love that I have this little space to be myself and be free. Ironically, there are very few words to accurately describe how that feels to a person with so many feelings. In fact, I have so many feelings, I have been "in my feelings" for the last few months.

I have been working crazy hours within a potentially lucrative and challenging industry. In addition to that job, I blogged incessantly for a Flooring company in Phoenix and taught Acting and Modeling for the second term at The International Performing Arts Academy. I have also been working on a few choice side projects to feed my creative soul. All while contemplating grad school and moving across the country. Between to all these roles, I failed to continue nurturing my passions...which I desperately miss. 

On top on of missing my old life, I am learning how to truly "let go." So many people say, "It's easy, just let go of the past," but it is far from as simple as that. If it was, everyone would not need therapy, counseling, or the advice of several friends and family to guide them throughout their life. I want to make an impact, leave a valuable impression, and make my mark on the world, I am simply struggling with how to go about my plan. As my 10 year class reunion looms, I put my life into prospective. I am fairly content with my decade of adulthood, but I have much more left to give, see, and experience. My hibernation period is over. I am back!