Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Follies Part Deux

Every Spring I feel refreshed, renewed, and excited about a new season. This Spring is no different. Here are some things I am crazy about in Spring of 2014:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker's New Shoe Collection- I have always been an avid lover of SJP from her Carrie days to her old films like Hocus Pocus. The fact that the most fashionable and fabulous woman has a shoe line makes me sort of flat line.....and come back to life to browse and buy!

  • Kelis's Cooking Show and Sauce Line- What do you do when you're a badass singer with a funky sense of style? YOU CREATE A LINE OF SAUCES!  I've  loved her music for years, I loved her cooking show (hopefully it becomes a series), and I am totally here for her sauce line! Bring on the Feast!

  • Tomato Sauce- ever since I hit up the Market Mobile Pantry, a mobile sort of grocery store that provides a host of goodies for $10.00, I have been creating some of the best marinara ever! I get so many tomatoes, I might as well create the zestiest, tastiest, and fabulous marinara sauce in the world. WHY NOT?

  • Business ventures- I have been steadily trying to venture into the business world, but my fear of transition has stifled my progress. Well, those days are over. Now I am merging my love of weight loss(and fierceness) with business and I plan on making LOADS OF MONEY!

  • My Jobs- I never thought in 1 million years, that I, Oriel Martin, would enjoy teaching. My personality and life force is that of a spicier and creative type, so to teach just never registered with me. Thank God those days are over. Teaching and mentoring means to pour into others what I wish for them to be. The thought is humbling and the experience has slowly, but surely changed my life. I am grateful and terrified yet I want more...

  • Traveling-nothing new here folks, I just live for a journey and since my Jamaica trip was so brief, it is time for yet another amazing trip filled with shenanigans and lots of pictures. Argentina, hello my love...

  • Pretty Dresses- some things never change. I will never be a girl who does not rock a dress. Long sleeved, short sleeved, turtleneck, backless, thigh length, floor length, it simply does not matter: I LOVE EM! However, there is something particularly alluring about a backless, floral frock (yes I am talking to you my new, Diva boutique love of my life). Spring is here!

  • Sports Events- I have never been a "sporty" girl though I admire and love the hard work athletes put forth in their work. I have long since, stopped participating in sports yet lately, I have been to baseball games and basketball games. For me, this is a stretch! Who knows, maybe I will be on the 40 yard line watching some touchdowns take place...WHOA Nelly! Maybe a nice game at home should be my start for the upcoming football season. 

  • Poundcake- it is decadent, slightly underwhelming, and calorie filled cake that is a staple down south. Poundcake always reminds me of my sultry southern days as a youngster. My friend Gwen has been serving up the poundcake goodness lately and I cannot say no. Damn those cupcakes!

  • Holistic Health- my recent diagnosis of health concerns in the last few years has made me a far more focused and proactive person when it comes to my health. I am trying everything from Monolaurin (raw coconut tablets), Daily vitamins for skin and hair, acupuncture, and oxygen therapy. I refuse to go down without a fight. I must have a super body. 

  • Jazzhole-This band is not new by any stretch of the imagination and yet I crave their music! I love the acid jazz world and I am here for this type of slow and seductive sense of beautiful melodies and harmony. Sometimes, I truly adore Pandora! 

  • My New Radio Show- Life is about action. I must be active in life to be successful. This radio show is going to be different from the previous one because I will have a little assistance...stay tuned....