Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Conjure Pot

People have many stereotypical opinions about Scorpios; we're freaks, controlling, manipulative, and self-absorbed. I digress! I do not feel I am any of those things. I have the ability to be that way, but so does anyone else. Those traits do not stop at Scorpios! I just needed to clear that up for all the Scorpio haters. So, my birthday was bittersweet, I was injured at Juicy Couture, saw my friends, and actually had fun for the first time since I went to Miami in June. Thank you God, for allowing me to have a rich indulgence of fabulosity. I read a blog this week that sparked my interest, Are Black Girls too Loyal? In a word, YES! We have always been down for our men despite cruelty, been patriotic to a country that openly despises us, and work hard in spite of various forms of prejudice. In my humble opinion, women are more loyal on all levels. We typically see the glass as half-full, we fight vigorously even with the odds stacked against us, and we love hard even when we are being pushed away. Double all those qualities for Black women. The hardships we face in the world, NO OTHER WOMAN COULD EVER IMAGINE! The only reason we are not completely ignored is because our complexion is not fair, but our needs are rarely answered efficiently. I am not saying this to complain, I am saying this to say that, being seen and being heard will always be separate entities. When the two unite, it is a powerful combination! Women have always been discouraged not to merge the two. Double for Black women. That is why we fight. We have a somewhat guarded or stoic stance because our supposed protectors, abandon their jobs. That leaves us weak and vulnerable for anything. So excuse, the few of us with bad tempers or attitudes, we have just had way too many awful experiences not to be cautious and sometimes being a bitch is the only thing a woman has to hold on to.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haute Asses!

So I am walking through a crowded department store and I see two guys browsing the latest shoes. One guy is wearing a mauve colored, button down cardigan with boot cut JBrand jeans. The other is wearing a Burberry, long sleeved polo with some dirty denim boot cut JBrand jeans on. I immediately assumed them to be a happy, homosexual couple just out and about shopping and enjoying a nice day. Then something truly shocking happened, they were joined by two girls. Both the girls came up and embraced the men, one passionately kissed the guy wearing the Burberry polo. They coupled up and continued to browse. I felt terrible. Terrible because I am automatically assumed both of those men to be gay. Why? Can't two, healthy, viral young men be fashion forward anymore?! Society says no. Whenever a man has a strong sense of fashion or is aware of top designers and hot trends, he must be GAY! No way can a straight man have a keen eye for what is haute without being gay. There has been much speculation on the subject; Trey Songz has a new article written about him weekly regarding his alleged gay lovers, Kanye West is too innovative, stylish, and kooky to be straight, and of course Diddy is too brilliant to not be gay! It is so sad. We have been hypnotized into believing the hype, sadly, so have I! I took a quick glance and made a distinct assumption based on wardrobe and nothing else. I felt ashamed of myself. Men can be fashion forward and not be gay. I have a few friends who live for runways, Vogue magazine, and beautiful Italian leather shoes and they are happily committed to their women. One of those friends is even married! Society places an overly masculine label on all men. Men are supposed to think a certain way, behave a certain way, and even dress a certain way. Anyone who does not conform is "suspect." Is it right? No! Will it change? No! I guess the only thing a person can do, use the famous saying as their personal mantra in everyday life "When you assume, you make an ass out of yourself." And I mostly certainly, made a nice, big, round one out of myself that day. Hopefully, never again!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Crazy weeks lie ahead, but I am loving every single minute of it! I had to write two tiresome, exhausting, and relatively boring papers for English, but I feel the results were stellar. Now I am gearing up for a informative paper about the often controversial justice Clarence Thomas. This Pol-Sci paper will be my most intriguing yet. The Fair is ending Sunday and my sister and I decided we need to do it right so we will be going and thoroughly enjoying every single ride, funnel cake, candy apple, and deep fried snickers available! Work has pretty much taken over my life for the last couple of weeks. I finished the Haunted Nest job on Halloween and BOY WAS IT AN ADVENTURE! We were supposed to leave at 10pm, it was 10:37pm when we got a call for a bomb threat from two meth-head, acid tripping idiots who were mad because they were thrown out of the Nest for physically assaulting actors! We waited outside in Rawhide (fictional Western town) for an hour and 30 minutes before we rushed in to finish the last couple of scares. The scares were OK, but most of the crowd were so angry at having to wait in the freezing cold for over an hour that they pretty much left. I was a bunny for Halloween. The costume was originally supposed to be a true rabbit but it turned out looking somewhat reminiscent of a playboy bunny! I had fun, met lots of exciting people, got my first taste of horror theatrics, and learned how to make my face look like a skeleton! Oh and I earned an extra $700 bucks for the month of October. When asked the question if I would ever do another Haunted House, I would have to decline. As much fun as it was, hard work does not describe the magnitude of that kind of job. It is simply put, PAINFULLY TOUGH! My god son was born a healthy seven pounds, 9 ounces and he is as cute as a button. I can't wait to meet him. For Colored Girls came out Friday November 5th and my sister and a few friends are going to see it this evening. Every time I think of For Colored Girls, I remember the best part of my college experience. That play changed my life, made me a better woman, and made me want to BE A TRUE ARTIST! Because only an artist like Ntozake Shange could have created something that perfect! The young girl that existed before that play was transformed into a real woman when it was completed. I am so thankful for that experience. I guess God does put you in a certain place for a reason. Had I not mistakenly looked through the paper at the last minute, I would not have seen the audition for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and gone on to not only audition, but get accepted, do extremely well as a student, graduate with flying colors, and be the artist that I am today. Thank you God, you may not always come when I want you to, but you are always on time!