Saturday, May 31, 2014

Checking it Twice!

Last year, I got into a major, emotional funk. I decided to remove myself by dedicating my time to greater causes and things that could improve my life. I decided to make a list, a list of 10 things I wish to do or complete before 30. On top of that list was further my education. This is huge as I am  at that proverbial fork in the road where one must choose going forward or staying still and regretting it. I am on the precipice, but it appears I will simply go forward. I have decided to pursue a master degree as a part of my list.

I personally do not believe degrees change you, bring in, substantially more income per career choice, nor make you "better than the next person." I have always looked at education as a personal thing and a decision a person should make based solely on how they feel and why. Well, my feet are firmly planted and I am looking into masters of fine arts, communications, and a few other choices. I believe the greatest thing a person can do is keep learning because it keeps the mind fresh.

Also on my list of "10 Things to do Before 30," travel to 5 continents. I have been to a few, but that is simply not enough. I am currently trying to create a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina for my birthday. God willing, I can make this trip as it is one I have been contemplating for years now!

The biggest reality check I have assessed lately is that I am not an owner. People who own things have certain, financial benefits and power that relieve of having the misfortune of being turned down for a loan. I hate the feeling of knowing I am not capable of certain things because of my "history." It is time that I improve this area of my life. On my list for 30: own something or buy something to eventually own. First up, a condo!

Something happens, a switch comes on when you hit your late 20's. It makes you realize that your time should not be used idolly. That you should squeeze every moment out of every minute and make it count for something good. I know I cannot do this in every facet of my life, but I am going to work damn hard to make sure it happens.

Amongst the other things on my list: taking a hot air balloon ride, learning another language, and finding true love to start a family with (if it is meant to be). Much of those can be accomplished rather easily, the others will take some prayer and time. My biggest challenge is becoming a vegan and giving up dairy products. I plan to start Monday, June 2nd, 2014. No matter what happens, I need to focus on this reality as I have to improve in order to live well and accomplish the ten things on my list. With a strong unit of friends and family and GOD, this list will be accomplish much sooner. GOD SPEED!

Life is about a journey and no one ever said it would be easy. In the words of the late and most respected poet laureate, Maya Angelou, "Life is a bitch. You have go out and kick ass!" Well said, my queen, well said!