Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clipped Wings

Dear little 7 year old me,

I know you are young and blissfully unaware of the future that awaits, but trust me, YOU CAN DO IT! You are strong, smart, funny,  & charming; this will never change. I want you to know, no matter how scared you get about your life, God always will and has always had your back. You are one of his children and he will never forsake you.

Things in your home were not always ideal, but it will get better with time. Though rocky times may await you, be patient, better days will come. You have and will always shined like the star you are.

Most big stars have to overcome adversity before they reached success. Again, be patience. Your seventh birthday was extra special because this was the first time you got a "big girl birthday card" with $50.00 from Mima and Papa!

You loved that glittery, bunny card so much you kept and still have it at 25! You lost your first front tooth. It was a weird time because no little girl likes to be "snaggle toothed," but you are still beautiful!

I must apologize to you doll face. I did not protect you the way I should have. I did not always give you a fighting chance to avoid conflict or trouble. I was selfish with you, giving away your light to undeserving people who wanted to steal your glimmer. For all these things, I ask for your forgiveness on so many levels because I definitely did not keep my promise to cherish you as I should have. 

With all that has happened, I just want to tell you that I love you incessantly. You are exactly who God intended for you to be. He wanted you to be great, incredible, and radiant! Be great! Be glorious! Be happy! Everything that is meant for you will be. Trust me sweetie....


Oriel Martin 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woman Thou Art Loose!

I always feel every single time I go to church, the message is tailor made for me. Today was no different. As I sat in church today trembling in deep thought, I remember the lowest point I had reached in my life some 4 years ago. Everything was upside down and inside out. I prayed for resolution and could never get what I desperately wanted. I realized now that I was not praying for the right things. I was praying for a quick fix and not an eternal change. I just wanted the current pain to dissipate, not permanently relish. All the while I was praying for a solution, I was still doing the same awful things. The Almighty had to let me struggle a little more to realize that all I needed was him, not more money, more men, more acting jobs, just him. Just as Rome was not build in a day, deliverance does not happen overnight; it takes time. I spend a great deal of my time in church reflecting on my past and my future. I often cry when thinking about where I started as a person and where I have been. I often felt shame about my mistakes and shortcomings, but not anymore. Today's message was incredible. The message was "you are not what you do, you are not your past. Shake away those things that hold you back from being great. Be loose!" I immediately began crying thinking about my many failures as a human being and wondered what was in store for me in the near future. Once that message was delivered, I stopped thinking so hard and just began to cry. I began to think about all the times God supported me, loved on me even when I didn't love myself, carried me through burning hot flames, and guided me through treachery times. I do serve an awesome savior and I have a testimony. I have a prophecy and I have a purpose! Thank you Lord for finally opening my eyes! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Full Circle

Nothing makes me more uneasy than not having assurance that I am doing the right things in my life. I have a hard the accepting things I feel could be better or working on my short comings. I am getting better, but it is a daily struggle. Well, with all the happiness in my heart, I finally see some incredible breakthroughs! I recently committed to improving my health and making a "lifestyle change." It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started by making a pact with myself to ALWAYS keep my health first because nothing else can be successful or positive if that is not in tact. I spoke with a close friend of mine last year and we discussed our health challenges. He told me how he wanted to loose weight and was desperate for change. He was so desperate, he even considered getting a major procedure called gastric bypass. I prayed he would not do such a drastic thing. We spoke a few months later and he told me that he started to go to an herbalist in Los Angeles by the name of Dehuty Mataara. This herbalist is world renown for curing deadly diseases such as AIDS or even pesky diseases such as Genital Herpes. He is incredibly respected in his field for many herbal cures and remedies, but what he is known for is his famous Full Body Detox. This detox is unbelievable. The concept is simple; no man made drugs or "vitamins", just herbs, organic fruits and veggies, and a raw foods diet. I listened to my friend who was struggling with possibly having this expensive and very dangerous procedure to reduce fat tell me how just doing the Full Body Detox changed his life forever. He has since lost over 40 pounds, is a vegetarian, and has truly revolutionized his life. His testimony inspired something in me to change. I respected that he made a firm commitment and stuck with it. Something in my pride for me inspired me to change permanently. I knew my health was ok, but not the best. I was feeling sluggish, tired, and energy less daily.  I did not know what the cause of these feelings could be, but I knew I needed to do something and fast. My friend suggested I try herbal treatment of my maladies and see if I would experience a change as well. I decided to commit to a change. I ordered my herbs on the website, called the herbal therapist, created a journal, and went for it! So far......IT HAS BEEN THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!! I started my first of two cleanses at the end of July. I have since completed the cleanse and I have so much to be thankful for. I have lost 16 pounds, my health has improved greatly, and I feel amazing. Everywhere I go, all my friends and family keep asking me, "what have you been doing?" I have heard it all, but the one thing I constantly hear is how great I look, but what people cannot see is how great I feel. I have made a conscious effort to change my LIFE for good. I feel so blessed and thankful for what God has brought me through. Some days I feel I was not deserving, but he showed me differently. I am so grateful for this decision. I look forward to what is to come in my future. Who knows, maybe a Magna Cum Laude graduation, a new car, new career, a marriage, or maybe even some kids. Not necessarily in that order though....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Queen Always Trumps a Joker!

The one thing I love most about summer is the Summer Olympics when they come every 4 years! There are so many fantastic things to look forward to; Track & Field, Soccer, Badminton, and my personal favorite Gymnastics. I think love gymnastics so much because I know it is something I could never do. The skill and tenacity these women possess while performing these daring feats is nothing short of mesmerizing. They are like little flying goddesses that move so gracefully and with such ease. Most years I am excited, but this year I was glued to the screen because my favorite, new darling blew me away! Gabrielle Douglas has managed to reaffirm my excitement for my favorite sport! A gymnast most of her life, Gabby was gifted from the start. Her passion and love for the sport was evident by all her coaches. Like most athletes, Gabby doubted herself in her weak moments, but she refused to give up. Her mother saw the potential and allowed her to move halfway across the United States and live with her coach where she could eventually reach Olympic potential. Her mother was very brave because I am not sure I could have done the same thing. Well, her decision was a successful one because GABBY JUST WON 2 GOLD MEDALS AND MADE HISTORY! She is the first American woman to ever win a gold medal in the all-around and team competitions, the first African-American to win the all around, and her team is the second in Olympic history to win the all-around for America. Gabby's story of struggle, faith, and perseverance should be all that matters. Unfortunately, there are certain individuals who continue to spew pure hate with their venomous comments about her hair! THIS GIRL MADE HISTORY AND ALL PEOPLE CAN THINK ABOUT IS HER HAIR? I personally believe in the quote that; a wise man speaks when they have something to say and a fool speaks because they have to say something. To all the fools who have something disgusting to say about Gabrielle Douglass; while you're sitting around commenting on a young girl, that same girl is making history, leaving her mark on the world, and getting ready to become a MEGA star. If you are going to continue to be fools, you better come up with better things to say because she will always come with something better for you fools to discuss.