Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wedding Season!

I absolutely love the mere thought of love. It is a dream state I wish to never awaken from. With all the beautiful Facebook posts and wedding invitations, I get caught up in a wedding coma. Lush pinks, crisp white shirts, breathtaking bouquets, and mouth watering cakes: I love it all! As my sister is celebrating her best friend's wedding in Kansas City right now and I wait exactly one week to enjoy my cousin's wedding in Dallas, I slowly become hypnotized by the beauty of love. These are the moments I most cherish most as a girl!

Wedding season is not only exciting, but it is eye-opening. It makes you realize that what life is all about: becoming one, a union to never part. I read a story this week about a man and woman who had been married for 75 years and died one day apart. What a life to live! While they were still very young and active, they had never spent more than a day apart from each other their entire marriage! This was so incredibly beautiful to me! I remember thinking, I want this kind love. 

As I see all the fabulous engagement announcements, baby pictures of a couple's first child (my manager), and the wedding photos from the "big day", I realize one thing and one thing only: this life is not meant to live alone. Yes, you can be single and live a great life, but is much greater when you have someone to help you live it to your fullest potential. That is truly what life is all about! I cannot wait to see what the upcoming weddings bring, especially my best friend's big day in Jamaica rapidly coming up in September. I can hardly wait to be red-faced (from crying) and emotional from the greatest man I have ever met joining his wife as one. Crying as I would be truly glorious!