Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For All The Times.....

For all the times that we have laughed, cried, and rejoiced in life lessons learned, I can honestly say you’re one of my life’s many blessings. There are so many things I could never tell other people for fear of the judgment and ridicule, but not you. You know my heart and I know yours. I know you appear to have everything in order and on track, but deep down inside you are hurting; you're hurting for happiness, love, and comfort in your daily life.

For every heart to heart conversation, banshee level laugh, and crazy story we’ve ever told, my heart smiles. To know that I have someone in my life that I can truly be myself with is a pleasure and something I thank God for. We are not perfect and just like an antique plate; there are some cracks and flaws in our foundation. What is most important is that we recover from those cracks, rebuild,  and restructure what we originally had. 

I have watched you mature from a young ingénue at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts to this incredible mother who is both loving and kind. My godson is the cutest and funniest little boy I know. He has so much personality and was made totally in your image. He is intelligent, charming, and destined for something great. I cannot wait to see what that is exactly, but I know it will be something superb.

For all the times we have disagreed or fought, I am sorry on my behalf. I am not perfect, but I do strive to be a good person each and every day; I would like to think you do as well. And I would rather fight with someone who I know loves me than fight with someone who does not wish me well. I feel in my heart that you are one of those people. I hope that our futures are filled with birthday trips, holiday gatherings, and our children growing up closely so they can be best friends like us although the world can only handle one Oriel and one Kathy.

For whatever the future holds, I pray God blesses us in every single corner of our lives. Ten years strong this year and God willing, many more decades of friendship to go. In your time of need, I want to wrap my arms around you from afar and give you that, deep, soul shattering, hideously ugly, cry on my chest hug you desperately need. What I want to do more than anything is tell you is I love you so much. And remember God never puts more on us than we can bare.  Be triumphantly faithful because it is your faith that has always kept and protected you from so much. Don't loose it now.