Thursday, July 31, 2014

To Do…..

       Top Ten Things on My Current To Do List

  1. Complete my academic certificate in Entrepreneurship: I am going back to school to decide what to go back to school for(masters degree). In the meanwhile, this certificate will help me ponder...
  2. Create a new life style blog- I want a blog that pertains to life styles and life style choices. Would you read it?
  3. Finish my television show- I came up with the concept 2 and half years ago. Now it is time to capitalize on my idea because it's brilliant! 
  4. Continue writing my book-I must accomplish this. I am not a girl that sleeps well when my tasks are not complete. 
  5. Self publish my book-how cool would it be to say you self published a book that went number one? How much cooler would it be to say that your book was adapted into a film that i am set to star in?. I think it should happen…soon!
  6. Go vegan…ish- the goal to become vegan is seemingly tough, but I will not let it fade into the abyss. I believe a primarily vegan diet…with moments of meat esque things (dairy) would be best. 
  7. Travel more- with 3 trips planned this year alone, I need to start hitting new continents and countries. It is not optional, it is a must!
  8. Travel write- this is a hobby I love and desperately need to get back into. It's time!
  9. Start a book club- I want to speak with other art intellectuals who feel just as passionately about a page turner as I do. 
  10. Figure out what this love thing is all about- to be continued….