Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Healing Process

A vacation is usually a break from the monotony of your regular work week. For me, my recent trip to Vegas was more than a mini vacation, it was the beginning of the healing process for me and many others. After the unexpected death of my paternal grandfather, my sister decided we needed to cease every opportunity to live a full life. Vacations, traveling, and loving our lives is essential, so she planned a trip to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. I initially was against the idea as Vegas and I have a terrible history: the first time I went it was on a whim and I was completely broke and the second time, I was with a large group of people with varying personal situations going on. Each trip prior to my most recent one was filled with fights, cattiness, anxiety, and bad feelings, but this trip was (pleasantly) surprisingly different. 

My sister, my cousin and her sister, and my aunt all headed down to Vegas for some R&R. The hoards of half naked women, salivating men, and over priced EVERYTHING made those old "Vegas feelings" return, but it did not last long. After checking into our lovely hotel, we let our hair down with a few drinks, laughs, and slowly started to make memories that will last forever. Most people look at Vegas as party city with plenty of chances to have wild and raucous moments with strangers you will most likely never see again. For us, Vegas was the beginning of a long process of healing and bonding that we all desperately needed. With my sister and I having just lost our beloved grandfather and my cousin's having just lost their beloved mother, it was nice to not think about those painful realities for a short while. 

I got to (briefly) bond with my cousin who I have not seen in over a decade and continue to form fabulous memories with her little sister who I see more frequently. 2013 Las Vegas marked yet another wondrous vacation with my aunt who is back in school and working on bettering herself educationally. Despite the many emotional and traumatic experiences she dealt with as a young girl, she has finally found her place in the world and is working on her degree so she have a fabulous future for herself and her children. The trip was so many things: hectic, frustrating, hilarious, and calming, but most of necessary! Every single red-blooded, human being on this earth needs a break from the harsh realities of daily work and family even if it is just a day away from home (stay cation) it is necessary! 

Right before I took the trip, I was feeling pretty low. Stressed from the daily hustle and bustle of life and worried about my future, the last thing I wanted or needed was a Vegas no less. Had I not gone on the trip, I would never have these memories, these awesome memories that will last us a lifetime. The high rollers, excessive line waits, pretentious club attitudes of Vegas doormen, and the overly expensive drinks only means one thing: I will not be returning to Las Vegas until NEXT MEMORIAL DAY!  Until then, the memories of Lil Veggie, Thickums, Auntie, Janee, and Heather will live on.