Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Look Back!

I said I wouldn't look back.......I did. Did it get me anywhere great? Not sure, it is too early to tell, but I have a feeling I should just keep looking ahead. Ahead is so much better than behind. Behind is where all the hurt, embarrassment, resentful, hopelessness, and inability to be strong lies. I cannot be there. I have too many important things to be do and I must continue to be who I say I am: regal, strong, and legendary. 

These are the thoughts that ran through my head in the recent weeks. It has been plenty of hell and lots of heaven. My 2013 has been anything, but predictable yet I am happy to say I have prevailed and lived through the rough parts. If I can manage to do that, I know I can conquer a new city, state, and chapter in my life. 

Like every year, my new years resolution stays the same: I wish to be an overall better person. Well, it may be an ambitious goal, but it is difficult because change is uncomfortable, stressful, strange, so many words, but easy. Regardless, I have to do it. No matter how much I want to give up and give in. In the end, God would be proud of my choice and so would the people who matter the most in my life. 

The greatest lesson of 2013 is stop giving more than those unworthy of your light. My sister, a very wise person, once told me that "You have to show people how to treat you in order for them to know. Stop accepting things that are less than your worth." I firmly believe she is right. 

It is time out for "trying." When you truly want to do something like show someone you love them, finish school, travel, write a book, learn a new language, there is no excuse, you find a way and do it. Ambition deserves a certain level of attention and focus that is much higher than simply "desiring" to do something. It takes a level of intensity that is much bigger than words, but merely actions because only actions prevail. Anyone can talk, but who is listening?

Personal growth is never simple. If it were easy, we will all be the perfect people with perfect behaviors and attitudes. Clearly that is not reality, so it takes work. More work than simply "talking." Again, you simply must do whatever it takes to prove that you want to accomplish the goal, achieve the dream, or receive the blessing you have been waiting on for so long. 

Along the many bumps and thumps of 2013, there were so many peaks. I got to see my very best friend get married in JAMAICA (see first travel blog), one of my favorite cousins got married, I got to further work on my writing, I applied for my first graduate schools, I witnessed history at Present Obama's last inauguration, became a manager, created the outline for my television show, completed 3 cleanses, back to back with great success, and began mapping out my future plans before 30. I have so much to do and so little time to achieve this, but I will make it happen because I am determined. 

I met many interesting and intriguing people especially one particular man who showed me that I have to remain truth to myself despite hearing what sounded good at the time. Thank you for the life lesson. It was not a wasted experience and the outcome will be even greater! Mounds of responsibility have been dumped on these, small shoulders, but I refuse to let it stop me on my path to legacy because road blocks are the stepping stones to success: I must embrace them. 

One day these words and thoughts will be a way of life instead of simply "hopes" and "dreams." Potential is for losers and I am not a loser, so my potential means nothing unless I fully use it for good and make my life exactly the way I want it to be. In my mind, 2014 is the year of the possible. And anything is possible once you set your mind to it. With that said, I am ready for a new year because like wine, I can only get better with time. Cheers to 2014, I welcome you with open arms.