Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheers to 24!

24 is only 6 years from 30. I know, I know, it is still young but, it is definitely not 17! I have always loved the mere thought of aging gracefully, but am I?!!! Don't get me wrong, I am a far from ungrateful, but I guess I'm greedy. I have always wanted it all. Well maybe "all" takes time, more time than 23 years of life. So maybe I shouldn't be looking at turning 24 as A BAD THING! Maybe it is simply a symbol of what's to come which is incredibly good stuff! No fear, 23 was nice, but 24 is bound to be way better! I pray dear God, I reach that glorious year; happy, healthy, and prepared for the inevitable!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Much Ado About Something

Coming out of my cosmic slump, I decided what I really needed; SOME DAMN EXCITEMENT! I am giving myself the best birthday gift ever, a excitement based, reality makeover. I have found my life most depressing over the following months and I want to change that! I am going to commit myself to the following regime:

  • Hard work and a little play
  • A glass of wine every night (to help me sleep)
  • An allowance for more therapeutic writing, more so than career wise
  • Cooking at least 3 days a week
  • Spend more time with my siblings
  • Go out at least once every month (movies, shopping, dinner with friends, a trip, travel, etc)
  • See my godson at least once every 6 months (hopefully everything 3 months!)
  • Apply for new scholarships every week
  • Save at least $50 every month
  • Call my grandparents and extended family at least once a week
  • Spend more time with my parents
  • Stop making ominous lists and ACTUALLY START DOING WHAT I SAY I WILL DO!
If you are reading this, a list is only as good as its writers' determination to accomplish said' tasks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lost in Translation

When does "it" ever end? The valleys are low and I am definitely going through one. I have been on this sort of roller coaster that has me wondering about some serious things in my life. I do not want to spend an entire lifetime learning a lesson only to die and not have made something good of the message! I have had this sort of pain in my stomach, you know the type of pain that indicates when something is off in your life, relationships, and mostly YOU! This has pushed me to write something very poignant. Sometimes when you doubt yourself the most is when God shows you what you're made of. Right now, I need him to show me so, I can feel it again. I currently feel numb. I am a hollow shell of a woman where a soul and vibrancy once dwell. God help because I don't know what to do anymore......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cupcakes and Pumpkins and Fairs, OH MY!

Some things just make people happy. For me, its the change of weather from hot to cool. Or cooler in this case. Phoenix has slowly started to embrace fall and I am loving every rainy minute of it! As the sizzling hot valley of the sun simmers in cool climate, I have taken the liberty of creating a happy harvest list. This list consists of must do's for fall. Things that both genders can appreciate and thoroughly enjoy. I love the holidays and Halloween (though technically not a holiday) jump starts all the fun stuff. Here are some fun, generally inexpensive, and exciting things for folks to do:

Go to a pumpkin patch- There is nothing like seeing those gorgeous orange pumpkins and sharing the memory with a loved one, especially young kids. I always feel like I'm five years old! Go pick a winner and carve up at least two. A super scary one for Halloween and a nice, delightful one for Thanksgiving.

Baking- If you don't already, I suggest flipping your TV to the food network and copying those exact recipes. Fall brings so many tasty things to eat; festive cupcakes, cookies, brownies, breads, pastas, and the fall favorite, APPLE CIDER!

Fall Fairs- No matter where you reside, during the fall, there is bound to be a fair within 20 miles of your home. Take advantage of the treats, rides, and most importantly that old, creepy Haunted House!

Shopping- This is the perfect season for building a new, warm wardrobe! Sweaters, socks, hosiery, scarfs, closed toed shoes, and denim are just a few fun accessories best worn during the Fall. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Sleeping with the window cracked- This isn't necessarily a Fall thing so much as it is better to do during the Fall. I love the way the air feels. It's completely different than Summer, Winter, or Spring. It is cool, warm, and tasty all at the same time! This act should of course be accompanied by a warm blanket or throw, to avoid unwanted colds or the flu!

Fall themed pedicures- Be it on the toes or hands, there is never a shortage of creativeness when it comes to fall pedis and manis. I have seen candy corn nails, green leaf toes, and the infamous pumpkin patch theme throughout the fall season. Indulge yourselves, it only lasts those few short months.

Scary movies- If you're a horror fanatic like myself, Fall is the perfect season for you. Scary movies are plentiful throughout these months. With franchises like Saw, Halloween, and now Paranormal Activity, fall is a bit more creepy.

Halloween & Thanksgiving- The argument of the best Fall holiday of the year varies depending on the person. Some argue, Halloween is the best while others only consider Thanksgiving to be the only Fall holiday. I love them both and I think everyone should ditch their strict diets and fully engage in all the fabulous holiday treats! After all, it is FALL!

and last but, not least

Romance- Of course no one needs a season to be romantic but, one must agree that Fall is a far more romantic season than the others. Walks in the park with the leaves glistening on the ground, hand-holding throughout that beautiful pumpkin patch, spooning on the couch with that cozy throw and the window slightly cracked open, and of course riding that Ferris wheel with the one you love! The best time to do all these things is in the fall!

Happy Harvest!