Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stepping Out on Faith

I rarely take HUGE RISKS! I am more of a calculated risk kind of girl these days, but something has changed recently. I do not feel the same anymore. I would like to believe the majority of this change came from research; research on how to lead a better, more robust life. I recently read up on vegetarianism in December after my sister's boyfriend encouraged me to view a powerful video called "Folks Over Knives." The video is the anti-thesis to documentary films like "Super Size Me." This film is solely based on hard-hitting, historical facts. The fact that over the course of the last 200 years, much more meat has been incorporated in the American diet and diseases such as heart failure, cancer, and high blood pressure have skyrocketed. On the contrary and in comparison, countries like Japan and Greece have low fat, high protein diets, and sometimes plant based diets, and subsequently had far less issues with any of those diseases. In fact these countries have some of the lowest cases of cancer, heart disease, and high anything in the world! This one of the many intriguing factors that drew my attention. Another huge component of this new lifestyle choice is how diet effects health. This time last year, I was the heaviest I have ever been. I was told I was borderline diabetic, had cysts, and a scarily high amount of testosterone for a woman. This was not good news. I went on a boot camp to loose weight and it was a success, but, towards the end, I abused the freedom of food once again and starting gaining back weight. I knew something needed to be changed. In the film "Folks Over Knives" the doctor says that plant based diets balance the body more and keep people fit and trim with ease. They also are great diets that prevent long term illnesses that creep up in old age; cancers, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This captured my intrigue even more. Finally, a good friend of mine who is also very big on health, shared his testimony of being an overweight, meat eating slacker. With the help of wonderful herbs from world-wide phenomena, Dr. Sebi, he is 4o lbs thinner and a vegan. He told me "I feel the best I have ever felt in life." My intrigue quadrupled! I have been wanting to feel that way for years now. Bogged down from my carnivorous lifestyle complete with mounds of fried foods and carbs, I decided to do something I rarely do; challenge myself. The challenge is to maintain a meatless diet on a trial basis and see the effects on my life. I have been curious, precocious, and investigative and now I am being proactive. Today marks my first day of the "veggie life." I had a smoothie for breakfast, raw peanuts and pineapple juice for lunch, veggie chips and salsa for evening snack, and black bean soup with a small side salad for dinner. It was appetizing, appealing, and very tasty, so maybe meat is not all there is in life. I have hit the ground running with vegetarianism and I am not looking back. In the long run, I know I will be grateful, right now I am in prayer mode, so as I always do for others, I ask that anyone out there listening please keep me in your prayers as this is not the easiest diet to adjust to. I am stepping out on faith and letting God be my guide, so I know I will be fine!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Objects of My Random Obsessions

Things I am currently obsessing over....

Every so many weeks I get into these obsessive trances where I only want to do certain things. I spend any amount of money, time, and energy on said things because my obsession won't let me do other wise. My list currently reads:

  • Disney Movies- from Snow White to Pinocchio to Beauty and the Beast, I seriously cannot get enough of Disney movies right now. My public library probably despises me!
  • Carmel Apple Truffles from Godiva- There is never a dull moment in Godiva's Chocolatier but, lately I have been pining over these creamy, caramelly, morsels. I originally obsessed about them in October when they were the truffle of the month and now I bought a bag on sale and I am sitting in bed eating them as we speak.
  • Finishing This Semester- I remember telling myself last semester was my lowest point while in school at ASU but, this semester has clearly taken precedence. Not only am I taking 5 classes this semester but, they are all; overwhelming, overbearing, stressful, and homework filled. I'M OVER IT!
  • My meeting with Obama-Well, it was not an official meeting but, I did see him unclose and personal for the first time and it was sensational. Obama came to Arizona, I changed my entire schedule around, and I have yet to regret it. A day well spent!
  • All My Travel Plans-I want to go to Vancouver, Canada for spring break, Japan in July, Napa for Valentine's Day, and an Mediterranean Cruise before the year is over. Here's to hoping.
  • Prada Candy Perfume-I love a beautiful scent but, one made with caramel and vanilla is too tasty to resist!
  • Indie Films-I just saw perhaps the best movie I have seen in ages and I am hooked on the roaring 20's and the days when film had meaning, message, and charisma. The Artist brought me back to life!
  • Herbs, Herbs, and More Herbs-I have been doing my research and let's just say, nothing I want to be fixed internally will be handled with modern medicine. Herbs will be my medicine of choice!
  • Going Vegan-I know it is hard to imagine but, I actually WANT to make this intense change for my body, my mind, and my soul.
  • Twins-I have been having dreams for the last week and a half about twin girls. Is it a sign of the future? Will I be a mother of two the first time around? Will I be the future Mrs. B? I am uncertain but, I am definitely obsessing over the thought and I kinda like it!
Obsessions can be healthy but, right now they are just ultra time consuming! Now I am off to do my other regular obsession, updating my IPOD!