Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gobbling Growth

This Thanksgiving was interesting as it was my very first without any meat. I went vegetarian in February of 2012 and I have not looked back! I can honestly say I am happy with my choice. I must admit, sometimes I do miss meat during certain occasions. Whenever my mom makes her famous, hot wings I salivate, the moment my Dad dropped the turkey into the oil to fry it, and the minute I see Wing Stop, lemon pepper wings, I immediately miss meat. The good thing for me is my willpower is strong and always supersedes any silly temptation I may have. I am grateful for that. I also had an especially awesome time this year because my little cousin Paige came to visit! We had an all out blast! We danced, talked, ate tons of food, played classic boardgames like Monopoly, and bonded as first cousins tend to do. For me, it was surreal because I remember the day she was born. My sister Nikki and I waited up all night and barely slept a wink because we knew she would be here any minute....it was exhilarating! My mom's best friend, Mrs. Regina kept us while Milini (Paige's mother) was at the hospital in labor. We found every possible movie to watch in those 18 hours, we played every video game, and asked every question imaginable much to Mrs. Regina's annoyance until she finally arrived. She came out at just under 6 pounds. She was perfect. When we saw her, we fell in love. Nothing has changed much 17 years later. We stayed super close and each day we get closer! We have bonded increasingly as she nears 18, gets ready to depart for college, and grows into a beautiful, young lady. With all the things Paige has been through, she could have come out much worse, but God has protected and loved on her through it all. I am so proud of her. This Thanksgiving may be my first without meat, but it also my first Thanksgiving where I got to see my little cousin Paige for who she really is: a terrific girl! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Expect Nothing, Accept Everything

My birthday was yesterday and I enjoyed my special day as much as possible. This highly stressful, last semester of college has not been very kind to me, but I refuse to fall to the wayside. I must be positive and look ahead because the future is very bright. I decided for my birthday celebration I wanted to go roller skating, something I used to do almost weekly as a child during the summers in Louisiana. I was transformed right back Monroe's Skatetown with the tart aroma of stale pizza, rutty looking carpet, and overpriced video games. I put on my skate pants (American Apparel's disco pants) and made several laps around the rink to the latest Hip-Hop jams and classic, oldskool R&B. I was initially afraid as I had been removed from skating for many years, but I quickly got over that. I skated until my heart's delight. The friends who came made it all the more special and I felt truly blessed. Even though my legs are still recovering from my shindig, I can honestly say I had a blast! After we skated the night away, we chatted the morning away. We discussed the ridiculous reactions of many Americans to President Barack Obama's reelection, co-ed friendships, relationships, and crazy jobs, and then I was asked what I learned from being 25. I was hesitant to answer this question because it made me face all the realities of my situation. If someone had asked me 5 years ago where I expected to be at 25 I would have said the following: married, graduated with at least 1 degree, into my career, and completely happy. The contrast of my life now compared to what I wanted it to be is nothing short of remarkable. I am finishing my second degree in December, I live with my family until graduation is over, I am single, and nowhere near getting married and as dramatic as I normally am, I am totally ok with all this. I believe the greatest lesson 25 taught me was not to expect anything. I expected to have all the things mentioned on my list, but that is what happens when people plan, God laughs. God is the head of my life and he is ultimately the one who steers the boat. I have limited and minimal control over what does or does not happen in my life. I am merely taking it all in. At 26 years old, I expect nothing and pray about everything because I know the person who is the center of my life is the one who can get me where I want to be. I need the Lord more than ever now as graduation looms. I have many things I wish to do and after I consult with God, hopefully I get where I want to be, but I will expect nothing and accept everything as a lesson in life. Cheers to 26! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

May, December, January, November....

An old friend  recently resurfaced in my life and we spoke about many different subjects over the last couple of days.  After days of chatting,  we got stuck pondering the age old question is age really nothing but a number? I guess the reason I am baffled by this question is because most of my boyfriends in the past have been older, even if only by 2 years. 

I have never dated a guy my age. This reality was unintentional because my motto in life is "I like the person, not their age." Well, I have endured a most incredible spiral of thoughts over the last few days as these topic lingers fresh in mind. Can age difference effect a relationship? I decided to poll some respected people in my life. I also created a pros and cons list: 

Age Pros:

  • Most (most being used loosely) older people are wiser and therefore can teach their younger mate more
  • Older people have a wealth of life experiences 
  • Age difference can attract people in a positive way based on life experiences 
  • Most older lovers are more mature 
  • Older people can be more patient and understanding
  • Older people are more financially stable for the most part 
Age Cons
  • Older people often times are set in their ways and refuse to change or bend to their partner
  • Many older people use their age to act as though they are always right solely because they are older
  • Older people can be possessive of younger lovers
  • Older people can be overbearing
  • Most people's parents do not approve of a much older man or woman dating their child
  • The age difference can be stressful especially at certain stages in people's lives
  • Most young people are experimenting while older people have been "there and done that." 
  • Young people can be immature and this could strain the relationship significantly 
  • Cultural and generational differences can overwhelm the relationship. 
My wise and older guy friend told me, "age differences are a trick of the mind. If you do not mind, then it doesn't matter because in the end, people are just people." I have to say that he is right. Realistically, dating is already complicated, so why overwhelm yourself with stress over age? There are plenty of older men and women who are full of energy and want nothing more than to share that with someone who will appreciate it and what is so wrong with that? If a person can overcome all the relationship cons and baggage that they bring, they can surely look to all the positive of that person and love them for who they truly are because in the end, you have to live your life for no one, but you

A wonderful lesson down in my book of "important life lessons." I will be aging a year more in exactly one week and I strive to learn and observe as much as I possibly can. Age truly isn't anything, but a number because in the end, love is all that matters. Love a person with no conditions attached and you will most likely lead a happy life. This information came from the many people I polled and collectively they all said love is all there is. There is not an abundance of love and good people in the world, so when you find someone truly amazing, love them with all your heart no matter what age they are.