Friday, October 14, 2011

The Relationship Visa: don't overstay on it!

I got invited to view a free screening of a new film coming out called Like Crazy last night. It was quite a movie to say the least. A cute college couple meet an untimely change in their relationship when the girl is deported for overstaying her visa. This throws them into an unwanted international relationship where they must write, text, call, and do everything but, physically be together. This relationship and movie got me thinking about my future and past. I have had my share of long distance relationships (more than I ever wanted) and I have to say, CALLING IT TOUGH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! It is simply put, torture. Never being near that person, no date nights, and feeling lonely all the time are just some of the things you experience. My last major long distance relationship was to result in marriage, but never got there. We could not shake the troubles of our own personal lives to progress to that next level of "til death do us part." I still have not completely gotten over my failed marriage to be. Maybe I never will and this movie reminds me so much of my relationship because they kept going through these incredible bouts of emotional tug of war. When they are together they are happy, a part they are miserable, they date new people and still aren't happy and so much more. The relationship finally comes full circle at the end, but it is too late. They have both overstayed their relationship visas and are now out of love and in an intense gray area of confusion. It is so sad to see love get to this place, but like the movie, such is life. I don't know if I have seen too many happy endings but, I left disappointed. I, being a girl, wanted their marriage and love to be the greatest of all time and reality saw different. I was sad, but I guess I will get over it and maybe even understand it, like in my own life, hopefully.