Thursday, April 25, 2013

Love Thy Garden

            "In life, it is better to be a gardener and not a mechanic."-Ashley Balley Smith

This motto is one that every human should adopt because it breeds the type of life that is truly marvelous and fulfilling. A life where a person can continue to flourish and not have to break down to be built up again. A life that is far from what every human knows because hardly even of us follow this method of living. For nearly 23 years, I surely didn't. I completely took my body for granted and forgot that it was indeed my temple and only I am responsible for it. Being a mechanic is a tough job: they get paid terribly, work outrageous hours, and often times feel drained. A gardener has a far more relaxing, tranquil, and intriguing job because they are directly responsible for growth and creating new life in the form of a plant. Even the second description sounds more appetizing.

I have learned to adopt this motto and in doing so I have made some incredible changes. I allowed my curiosities to get the best of me and began to do acupuncture treatments. The main reason I was hesitant  was because of my needle phobia. I prayed about it for months and after going into mechanic mode and stressing over my always ailing throat problems and my very first (horrific) sinus infection,  I decided to seek assistance else where.

My good friend Ashley, who is studying Chinese medicine, administered my first acupuncture session. It went beautifully! I must say, the invasive and incredible shock therapy made me realize I was failing at something very important: taking care of myself. It is not enough to just look good. You have to feel good internally to look good externally. I believe these acupuncture treatments have taught me much more about my body than any Western doctor and prescribed drugs. It taught me about how vital consistency is.

Along with all my new and improved ways of living, I fell first in massages. I actually got my first one a few weeks ago and I was nearly put to sleep! It was the relaxation, comfort, and happiness I needed wrapped up in the hands of a totally unassuming, gentle-voiced, young woman. As I lay there (initially) thinking about all that was wrong in my life and I got to commune with myself. I prayed diligently that God would relinquish the negative in my life and replace it all with positive.

Through massages, acupuncture, hair cuts, and many other small yet significant changes, I have mastered the art of self preservation. I have traded in my cute dresses for treatments of acupunctures. I am eating blood rich veggies, and starting to work out more. I have finally accepted that though I do not have a "green thumb," I do I have a responsibility to myself to water my garden, give it lots of love, sun, and appropriate attention. Thank you Ashley for opening my eyes.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Only the Beginning...

Some people go to church for Easter, others host big dinners with family, me...I go to Six Flags. I know it sounds a bit wacky, but I have been doing this for the last five years. It all started the Easter of 2007 when some classmates from college decided since we do not have family in Los Angeles that we would enjoy a rather unconventional Easter at a theme park. My classmate Nesha had her little brother visiting that weekend, so it seemed like the perfect idea! Up early and ready to go, the trip almost didn't happen. As we were dressing for this incredibly fun day that awaited us, we saw the glistening of morning dew ravaging the ground. Immediately we were discouraged, but God saw fit for that to change. The rain cleared up and we enjoyed endless roller coasters, turkey legs (pre-vegetarian days), and plenty of pictures.

After we indulged in every single thrill ride and funnel cake, we went back to Nesha's apartment to have a "nice traditional meal." The funny thing is, the meal was anything but traditional. Nesha is Jamaican so she cooked some of the best Jamaican food I have ever had (sans my best friend's mother's cooking). We feasted on ox tails, black eyed peas, cabbage, jerk chicken, and tons of cornbread. It was a meal to remember and a memory I will never forget as long as I live. After that year, going to Six Flags on Easter became apart of my own personal traditions.

Every year, despite weather, finances, or personal issues, I always try to make to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a little "r & r"- roller coasters and relaxation. I managed to go in 2007, 2008, and 2009. I skipped 2010 and 2011 because of financial reasons, but I resumed my favorite tradition last year. In 2012, I had a blast with my sister and a few other friends in tow. 2013 was even better because I got to go in my brand new 2013, BMW with my new and soon to be best friend Isabel Falcon.

The trip was nonstop fun from the very beginning. After a long night of hard work at the comedy club, we hit the road immediately and headed for Magic Mountain. We jammed out to old skool songs from Mariah Carey, Usher, Brittany Spears and created some new jams for 2013 thanks to Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, and Beyonce. My bladder was doing a marathon of its own the entire trip because I used the bathroom a record 5 times. That is the most times I have EVER used the restroom on a road trip.

After numerous potty breaks, random snack attacks, laughing, crying, fighting (not with Isabel), and making up (not with Isabel), I can honestly say this was the most defining trip I have had in a while because I got to further develop my bond with someone I love and adore. I can honestly say Isabel is one of the greatest young ladies in the world. She inspires me to always be truthful, do the right thing, and she has incredible style! I love that we took this trip together because of all the adventures and misadventures that occurred and mainly because I know for a fact that she is someone I wish to have in my life forever and ever.

It doesn't matter if the weather is dreary or if I only manager to ride one coaster, I will always try to make it to Six Flags for Easter. I love this tradition because I create a new memory every year and I make new friends. Last year it was Elizabeth and Joey, this year: Isabel. Life is good and getting better. As I mentioned earlier, I fought and made up with someone. God is working on this relationship and God willing next year, I won't be at Six Flags: I will be at my one and only wedding with my future husband. I love Easter 2014 already!