Saturday, February 28, 2015

Much More

I've always felt that February was the shortest, busiest month of the year. With only 28 days I have; My sister's birthday (30 this year), New York Fashion Week, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, The Academy Awards, and so many other fabulous moments in life. Here are some things that made my month 

My sister turned the big 3-0- 30 is an intense age for so many people. My best friend in the whole world truly swallowed this reality pill. You're supposed to have all these things accomplished. My sister is a full time grad student, works, and will be soon moving into matrimony; 30 never looked so amazing. Kudos sissy. 

Fashion Week- this is not a week for amateurs. This is a week for people who are "avant garde," forward thinkers, and edgy as hell. If you're not ready to make a splash, stay at home. Some of my favorite shows from this year were Tom Ford, Gucci, and of course the fashion legend herself Ms. Diane Von Furstenberg! Spring is delicious!

Valentine's Day-I hardly ever have a Valentine who is in town. I either go out of town to visit him or I am single. My valentine was 3,000 miles away on business so I spent the entire day at work and hung out with one of my dear friends who is also in a long distance relationship afterward. Dare I say, I am getting good at being alone all the time? Ugh, such is life. 

Black History Month- I watched several different films, listened to many of the greats, and still could not fully and appropriately express my gratitude for this particular portion of the month. It is overwhelming how far we come and shocking how far we still have to go. 

The Academy Awards-both political and intriguing, the awards were quite boring this year. In fact, it was reported that the show's viewership was down a whopping 16% from last year. I do appreciate that Julianne Moore won her much deserved trophy, Lady Gaga did Julie Andrews justice, and Common and John Legend brought true, dignity, and respect to music again, but I fell asleep halfway through. 

On another note, I am really into this lighting concept within my apartment. I have mastered candle placement, and most times my apartment spells like a field of fruit, but other than that, I am sublimely happy with my little casita. Now on to March Madness...