Sunday, February 20, 2011


The times are certainly changing regarding relationships in the world. Women are rising in many arenas such as careers and financial independence. So, why is it that a strong powerful woman with money, education, a career, and minimal baggage are single at ALARMING RATES?!!! Because the modern day American man is not ready for evolution. Evolution is inevitable. Not so much as 50 years ago women were not power players in the work force, they had many glass ceiling issues, and were discouraged from attending college (in fact some schools refused admittance to women). Times have certainly changed. According to the ever so illusive and popular statistics; women are making more money than men in larger numbers, more women attend college, more women graduate college, and women across all school levels have higher grade point averages. So, what's the deal? I'll tell you what I believe is the issue, American men are complacent and stuck in the past. They are terrified of evolution. The world for centuries has been their playground. They have always had the opportunity to have the best jobs, make the most money, and live life on their terms. Unfortunately, as women surpass men in many areas, their lagging finally puts a huge rift in the world of heterosexual relationships. Men who have disposable incomes, with a great careers, money, and freedom DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO SETTLE DOWN. They feel free and exhibit that in every way. They play the field and feel no need to commit, so where does that leave women, LARGELY SINGLE! The divorce rate is through the roof as well, so where is the balance??!! From experience I have seen the entire reality of the situation. I have dated the man who came from a good stock, had a little change in his pocket, looked half-way decent, and felt like he owned the world. The relationship went no where fast. A single man with a solid career, financial comfort, and limited baggage is a catch. A great-looking, single woman with an excellent career, a ivy league degree, and great morals is tragic! Evolution is near and if the men of the world don't shape up, they will be even more left in the dust. I pray that their revelations happen soon, single is only cute for so long.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"A Mid-life Lesson"

Today was a particular overwhelming day. I got up at an appropriate hour to be in class by 9:40 a.m. As luck would have it, the devil is always lurking in the wings. He devised an evil plot to make me tardy, he succeeded. I was 8 minutes late to Critical Lit! I was irrecoverably pissed! I always aim for promptness regarding my scholastic endeavors, so this was a major wrinkle in my plans. This pretty much set the tone for my day, RUSHING, RUSHING, & MORE RUSHING! It is definitely a formula for a splitting headache. This is where this week's life lesson came in handy. In the midst of my consistent rushing, I forgot to leave certain items & keep others. Needless to say, this sparked the interest of my dad who decided to indulge me in a little "mature adult, mid-life lesson." I felt utterly guilty, so I obliged him. He said, "organization is key in the life, we wish to lead." At first, I was prepared to completely ignore as I do anyone who is repeating superfluous information, this time I actually listened. And for the first time, I humbled myself to admit, he was right. I had spent my whole week procrastinating, forgetting vital details, & rushing to meet deadlines. I have spent extra gas, money, & time doing things over when I could have done them the right the first time. This set me into action. I have made a list of all the things I want to accomplish this week. Rather than merely fantasizing about what I "might get around to doing," I need to start doing them. Hell, tell myself all day, this list is my lifeline, LET'S MAKE EVERYTHING ON IT HAPPEN! So, the first incredibly simple piece of lethal advice I received from my nearly geriatric pa (jk) is to be organized, in his slightly judgmental voice " No man wants a messy woman." Eye, eye captain!

5 Fingers, This One's for YOU!

Sometimes all it takes is a simple mistake, to whip you into reality.

You don't need a constant reminder, or little wake up calls,

It is permanently engraved in your heart

Even if it isn't, you know it's there

Deep down inside, no matter the puns, arguments, or chatter,

You care.

When will you finally open up, sit back, & see?

The person you're really disappointed in,

Is you, not me.