Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fortune Cookies

As much as I love many things Asian (food, culture, countries,), I truly love fortune cookies. I know it sounds silly, but I am a firm believer that fortunes do come true. I have been blessed enough to have many great fortunes come from my cookies, but some are truly unforgettable. After a stressful week of changes, months of feeling lost and confused, and many life decisions hanging in the balance, I needed a sign. I needed assurance as to what direction my life would be headed and how I could get there, so I went to Pei Wei for some Pad Thai. There is nothing better than Thai food to make my life improve. It is that good! 

As I opened my fortune, I saw some stellar gems "Your finances will soon take a turn to significant improvements." And who could forget "You will soon get something special because of your charm." I instantly loved them both because they reaffirmed my beliefs in fortune cookies. I feel this was an indication of exactly what God needed me to know and see. He needed me to connect with my happy place (Thai food) to see that many incredible things were just around the corner. The best fortune cookie, however, was just around the corner. 

On Thursday aka, my second Asian food day (Chinese), I got my third, fantastic fortune stating "Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life." This particular fortune made me squeal out loud so much that my server Pak came rushing by to check on me. After I affirmed several times that I was ok, I was left alone to ponder this fabulous find. How is it that in the recent months where everything in my life seemed to shift upside down, I found something that left me so optimistic that none of that even matter? Fortune cookies. Something little, manmade, and divinely tasty can lift spirits and change lives indefinitely!

Maybe it's because I eat lots of Asian fare. Maybe it's because I love sweets or maybe it's because I have a propensity for happy thoughts, but I believe each and every fortune I receive from my cookies is coming true. I blame the delicious intoxication
of Thai food and if I am lucky with my recent finds, they will come true and make 2014 the most memorable year yet. In the meanwhile, more Pad Thai please!