Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting Over

                                                                     The New Year's Recap

Every year since I started this blog nearly 3 years ago, I do a yearly recap on the highs and lows of my year to mark my growth. Well, here goes! 

Highs of 2012 

  • Graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a second degree in English Literature  
  • Successfully went vegetarian and will be celebrating a years worth of vegetarianism in February
  • Taught an entire class by myself 
  • Became a sex educator 
  • Built many strong and significant relationships with new friends, colleagues, and mentors 
  • Bought my first luxury car, a 2013 BMW 128I Coupe 
  • Did two successful herbal cleanses back to back
  • Wrote my first television show
  • Started working a fantastic job at a comedy club that is super fun
  • Became a published author
  • Dyed my hair for the first time
  • Started rolling skating again as a new hobby 
  • Started my own online radio blog show 
  • Had a traditional college graduation and ceremony 
  • Learned how to better deal with my feelings and emotions 
Lows of 2012 

  • Ended my relationship with someone I considered the love of my life 
  • My weight went up and down
  • Wasting too much energy on negative people 
  • Not trusting my gut instincts
  • Allowing regret to eat away at me
  • Not forgiving myself for the past mistakes I have made 
  • Did not completely eliminate certain people from my life 
2012 will go down as one of the best years of my life for the obvious reasons and for many more unstated. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from my education, realized my potential and self-worth on new levels, changed my outlook on life, and everyday I will continue to work on being a better me. With a new car, new degree, new outlook, and soon a new city and career 2013 will be even better! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Another year has passed and I have learned so much and gained even more! 

I have truly learned the essence of the phrase "It's not where you start, but where you finish."

I started out ambivalent about college and "traditional studies" as I felt I was a renegade and a social 

butterfly who wanted to roam the world a free woman, but real life hit me and made me realize that life 

is not a fairytale. Every single thing I do in my life effects my future  in some way and I must be 

conscious in order to be successful. 

Now that I have braved the storm, took the courses, stressed out for hours, cried myself to sleep, beat 

myself up, worried repeatedly, freaked out, yelled and screamed, doubted my abilities, and even 

questioned my place in the world, I realize I am right where I am supposed to be! Nothing in my life 

has been a mistake or an accident. Everything is in its rightful place and now I am floating onto my 


As I walk with all the faith in the world into this new and bountiful year, I ask only one thing of you 

Lord: please allow me to never forget your undying love for me and to keep me focused on the things 

you want for me because the things you have for me, no one else can have, BUT ME! 

Thank you for loving on me, making me realize my worth, opening my eyes to my own mistakes, 

helping me right my wrongs, and giving me the opportunity to always be better because you wake me 

up everyday. Your grace and mercy is unfathomable. I love you and thank you for carrying me through 

yet another degree. I started at at Arizona State University a young and completely unconscious girl and 

tomorrow, I graduate a wise and highly intelligent woman on the brink of massive success! 

I couldn't be more happy if I tried. Thank you. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Anything Less Just Wouldn't Do

My mother has got to be something like a phenom: she managed to raise 3 well-mannered, respectable kids, travel the world, start a business, and keep God first. She always thinks of the morally right thing to do and asks God for guidance: I wish I was more like her. She, unlike so many other parents I know, never denied her kids the things their hearts desired. In fact, my mother encouraged me to attend the super expensive theatre school in Hollywood, live in a major city, travel to Europe, and buy my own cars. The first car she helped me buy was a 2006 Honda Civic. Initially, when I moved to Los Angeles, I did not have a car, so I walked most places and got rides from friends. The car I had in Phoenix was older and my mother did not want me driving a car that could break down at any time in a distant city. We devised a plan; I would save $5,000 and she would match it. My paternal grandmother also chipped in to help me and matched what I saved. At the end, we put down nearly $14,000 on a brand new Honda Civic. My mother was with me the whole way from picking out the color, picking the tint, signing the papers, and getting me set up with insurance. My mother has been with me through all my cars. When Winnie, my first Honda Civic, was totaled by a freak accident, my mother helped me buy another Honda Civic; this time a 2008. When that car got stolen at a valet, my mother made sure I always had a ride or transportation upon moving back to Phoenix. As I grew and matured, I learned to appreciate my mother's sometimes demanding and witty personality for what it truly was: love upon lots more love. My mother has loved me in the best way any parent could possibly love. She has given me things I never even knew I would want and plenty  all the things I needed! She has pushed me to be a good person and make sound decisions. She has prayed with me, stayed with me, and been there for me every single step of the way. And at 26, things have not changed much (to my liking). She helped me order and pick out my brand new, 2013 BMW One Series Coupe (128I). Everything from the floor mats, color of the interior, and paint color of the exterior my mother helped me decide. She was even kind enough to contribute to the car financially. She knew how much I had wanted the car ever since 2008 after I totaled my first Civic. The U.S. did not have any One Series cars in the states and I had to return to Los Angeles right away, so I went with a Civic instead, but I never stopped wanting that car and my mother never stopped helping me get towards my dream car. Thanks to her, I am a proud recipient of a 2013, 128I Coupe and I could not be more proud. I name all my cars. First Honda Civic was Winnie, the second Civic was Sonny, the third car was a Suzuki Forenza named Estelle, and now I have the sexiest car in the world, CARMEN! Thank you Mommy for always helping me follow my dreams and for always helping make my dreams come true. I would not want to imagine my life without a mother like you: I would surely be devastated because as you would say "Once you get use to the best, you cannot imagine anything less." My sentiments exactly mom, you're the best!