Friday, December 16, 2016

This is 30

"Travel is truly the only thing you can buy that makes you richer."-Diane Von Furstenberg

Turning 30 was and is still, something I am processing. With it's many positives, come several lows that threatened to break my spirit. And then, with the craziest, most unpredictable year of my life, I went to Africa to open this new chapter. My dear friend Efrem and I were even remotely prepared for what was in store. The continent was, in a word, incredible.

I was not at all, prepared for the wonderment that awaited me. I had an absolute BLAST! Every single moment of the trip was amazing even the stressful. From the wild animals that frolicked around the land, the exotic foods we enjoyed, our first mini safari, and even more, our first realization of true prejudice. Africa, South Africa, was a world all its own and I wanted in.

Pretoria and Johannesburg was like any major city. Cars whipping by every single second, traffic galore, crowds of people waiting for buses. Pretoria had another layer to it. It is the hub of all central intelligence complete with government officials. The malls are being renovated, the business is overflowing, and the atmosphere is rambunctious. It reminded me of so many major cities I have been to, except, this one was complete with its own nearby, ocean breeze and palm trees.

After several days of "discovering Joburg," we headed down to CapeTown. It was there, that we discovered and embraced the true beauty of Africa in its natural and raw form. Everywhere we looked, nothing but Shea butter smooth, bronze toned sk
in fluttering all around. It was a sight to see. Along with all the melanin comas, we witnessed various other shades including; vanilla, golden yellow, and the indigo blue of the Indian Ocean. CapeTown captured our hearts.

We were constantly mesmerized by the beauty of Table Mountain. Neither one of us ever witnessed clouds peacefully floating over mountain tops so effortlessly. It was a shock and an amazement we are still scrabbling to describe. For 1 and a half weeks, we forged friendships with people from all over the world. Some local, some foreign, most very friendly. If was not the lovely staff at The Hamilton in CapeTown, it was the beautiful server at our hotel in Johannesburg. Every person, more personable than the last. Every experience even more exuberant than before.

Despite my despair of turning 30 in such a way, I was especially grateful and pleased with my birthday trip. I finally got a chance to lay eyes on "The Motherland" and learn about a new layer of myself. A layer I never even knew
existed. I was never more enthusiastic about growing and developing as I am now. I am developing, I am in development, and much like Africa, I am evolving in the direction I am meant to go. As if I could love my melanin any more....

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